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Endodontics and restauration


Endodontics is a treatment through which the pulp material of the tooth (“nerve”) is extracted, whether vital or not, and the root canals are disinfected to eliminate inflammation and/or infection of the root zone of the teeth, usually caused by bacteria from deep tooth decay or an untreated periodontal problem. Subsequently these ducts are sealed with a filling material.

Obturation / reconstruction

To restore a carious lesion the necessary treatment is the filling. In case of very extensive carious lesions (which destroy several walls of the tooth or produce their fracture), reconstructions are performed, which are very large “fillings”.


In more fragile teeth or when we must correct some defect of dental position in order to restore its correct function, the most indicated treatment is an incrustation.

It is an indirect restoration for which a dental impression is made that will allow the laboratory to manufacture the missing piece of the tooth, later it is cemented to restore integrity to the tooth. It is a more conservative procedure than a prosthetic crown.

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