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Complete protheses

The complete removable denture (also known as a removable denture or removable denture) is a prosthesis that rests directly on the mucosa, hence the name of a ported mucosa complete denture. We design these prostheses for patients without teeth in the mouth who cannot or do not want to make up for absences with implants.
This type of prosthesis can be removed and cleaned daily unlike fixed prostheses.


Crowns and bridges in ceramic metal

The crowns are indicated to replace absences, although the most important indication is to strengthen, completely covering the previously treated weakened pieces. In addition, it can be used to improve the appearance, shape or alignment of the tooth. A crown or bridge can also be placed on one of several implants to achieve the shape and structure of several teeth. Crowns and bridges are cemented fixed to the abutments.
A crown is made up of a metal structure and a ceramic coating on top. Over time, the grayish color of the metal can give a very unsightly appearance to the smile.

Crowns and bridges without metal

Zirconia crowns are very aesthetic caps that have nothing to do with metal-porcelain crowns. Both for their resistance and their aesthetic quality, they are the best option for patients whose priority is aesthetics.
Apart from their high resistance and stability, zirconia crowns perfectly match the color of the patient’s teeth, with a unique shading system, homogeneous coloration and a long duration of translucency. They are totally biocompatible, eliminating allergic reactions, allowing an excellent regeneration of the gum with a perfect fit.


You can also correct the shape, color or distribution of your teeth. With minimal wear, with thin porcelain or resin sheets adhered to the teeth.

Prosthesis on implants

Implant prostheses are crowns, bridges or complete prostheses that are placed on top of any Osseo integrated implant. But in practice, only certain types of dental prostheses are often called “implant prostheses” – those that replace all-natural teeth in one or both of a patient’s arches. This specific type of implant prosthesis treatments is used to carry out what implantologists know as complete rehabilitations.
There are different ways to replace missing teeth. Depending on the number of absences and their location, we offer you a personalized solution to your case


A skeletal is a partial removable prosthesis with a metal base, hence its name. The skeletal contains a metal part where the artificial teeth are fixed and the acrylic that imitates the gum. The main disadvantage of removable dentures is that they rest on the teeth and are retained by hooks, increasing the probability of severe periodontal disease and dental caries in those teeth where they rest.


In Centre Dental Vilanova we can offer you different ways of financingwith and without interest, which cover a time limit of “three months to five years” adapting to your needs.

  • Financing up to 5 years.
    Financing without interest up to 48 months.
  • EXPRESS financing with only DNI.
  • Financing “à la carte”.
  • Come and learn personally about these advantages in our center.

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