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At Centre Dental Vilanova we have the price you need with the quality, atmosphere, comfort and service you deserve.

Contact our team and we will inform you about our special discounts and all our facilities and aids.

Financing plan, support for children under 30, grants to over 70s, family plan, gift card, gold card, research collaboration, guarantee program…

For this reason, we offer different modes of interest-free and interest-free financing, covering a “time limit” of three months to five years in line with your needs. Achieving the desired dental aesthetic is no longer a luxury, it is a reality within everyone’s reach thanks to Centre Dental Vilanova.

Interest-free financing
up to 48 months

EXPRESS financing
with only DNI

Come and find out directly
of these advantages in our center

Funding up to 5 years

“On-demand” financing

We don’t work with each other because we prioritize the time needed for each patient. And the best quality material. We also differentiate ourselves from the mutuals and / or franchises in that we are a multidisciplinary team, we attend the patient according to each of the specialties that he needs. Our team has been the same for years, so you won’t change hands.

“Remember that many times the cheap is expensive”